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ITF Monthly E-Mail Newsletter for Coaches, Year 13, Issue 2, February 2012

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  • Tennis iCoach: New releases- view now!
  • Upcoming coaching course in Zimbabwe
  • Completed courses and events in Korea, Columbia and Australia.
  • Article of the month: Athlete Talent Development Matrix

New this month:

Mum and Dad...who is teaching us?
by Mark Tennant (Worldwide Coaches Conference, Egypt, 2011). View now.
The forehand of Richard Gasquet- see this stroke from multiple angles in super slow motion. View now.

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13 - 24 February
ITF/OS Coaching Beginner and Intermediate Players Course (Level 1)- Harare, Zimbabwe

itf coach1Korea hosts Advanced Coaches Course
Korea Tennis Association (KTA) has been working closely with the ITF to improve its Coaches Education structure. The next step for the KTA was to organize an Advanced Coaches course and invite the top coaches in Korea who are working with advanced players. Miguel Crespo, ITF Development Research Officer and Suresh Menon, ITF Development Officer for Asia, were invited to conduct this Advanced Coaches course which was organized from 18 to 29 January in Gimcheon, a scenic picturesque city 4 hours by car from Seoul.
A total of 24 coaches were invited to participate in the course. Lee Hyung Teck, a former ATP top 40 player, Im Jeon Heon, Koyang city team coach and Han Min Kyu, Head coach of Sooncheonhyang University were just some of the top coaches who took part in the course.
The participants spent eleven days trying to master all aspects of advanced tennis which included such topics as technique, tactics.... Continue reading

Colombia sigue con mucha fuerza el inicio del 2012 con Educación de Entrenadores
itf coach2Esta vez la Escuela Nacional de Entrenadores fijó sus acciones en el Curso de Nivel 1 que se realiza entre el 23 de Enero y 3 de Febrero en las instalaciones del Country Club de Bogotá. Participan 20 entrenadores que reciben 32 créditos para el escalafón que lleva la Federación Colombiana de Tenis.
Llevado adelante por el Director de la Escuela, Profesor Armando González, este Curso repasa las materias que plantea la Federación Internacional de Tenis en los programas que sugiere. En el comienzo se está dando especial importancia a TENNIS 10, en los diferentes formatos de cancha y cómo se llevará adelante en Colombia.
Vale la pena resaltar que la Sra. Ana Maria Ferreira, Presidenta del Comité de Tenis, gestionó y agradeció que la Federación colabore y haga este tipo de acciones con los Clubes, mostro amplio interés en que este selecto grupo de profesores pueda participar de...Continua

Grand Slam Coaches Conference- Melbourne- Australia
itf coach3"This was our fifth year we have run the Australian Grand Slam Coaches' Conference, and it was a record breaking year with over 350 people participating in the event" said Geoff Quinlan - Manager Coach Development for Tennis Australia.
The five day program kicked off with a workshop for Talent Development Coaches followed by three full days of world-class presentations, including a presentation from the ITF speaker, Jofre Porta. The 2013 Australian Grand Slam Coaches Conference is confirmed for 9 - 12 January 2013 in Melbourne. For more information contact Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.
For information on more completed courses and events, click here

Article of the month
The article of the month for February is the Tennis Australia Athlete Development Matrix (Reid, 2006) which comes from Tennis Australia. The link will bring you to the development matrix, that allows coaches to see what competencies a player should have at certain ages, and across all aspects of their game i.e. tactical, physical, mental among others. This resource therefore allows a coach to identify what areas their players may need to work on, and where their player may be on track- all at specific ages of development. Click here to be redirected. The aim of "Article of the month" is to direct readers to material that is already freely available on the worldwide web. Readers will be directed to an educational article, paper or resource on a monthly basis.



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